A Successful Year

BSH revenues passed the EUR 11 billion mark in 2014 for the first time, and EBIT margin rose substantially. An even stronger consumer orientation, an open, digital culture of innovation, and a sharp focus on growth in our individual Regions have paved the way for us to continue our profitable growth in 2015.

“We’re right on track.”

Bigger revenue, bigger profits, a bigger market share: BSH’s growth strategy, with its insistence on the consumer, yielded an extremely successful fiscal 2014. CEO Dr. Karsten Ottenberg sums things up in an interview – and points out how the new ownership structure will support the company’s approach.


Consumers on the Move

Dilek-Ruya Turkkahramani, head of marketing for Istanbul’s after-sales service department, continues to expand the Company’s service network. Digitization is opening up new opportunities when it comes to improving products and services for customers’ benefit – not just as a matter of adding new functions, but as a way of integrating the entire Company into the digital world.


Markets on the Move

Yupeng Wang is in charge of all matters of Cooking at BSH in China. And he keeps a sharp eye on the market. If you want to be a success at selling appliances, you need to know your customers very well and be very quick to pick up on new trends. That’s especially so when social changes are changing people’s lifestyles, and when changing consumer needs cross paths with new technologies.


Innovations on the Move

Evgeni Rehfuss works in Corporate Innovation, readying BSH for the future. He and his colleagues from a variety of fields scan and assess new technologies like 3-D printing. The Internet of Things is another example of how much potential there is outside the classic home appliances market. It’s fruitful ground for innovations that make for growth and keep the appliances industry on the move.

Financial Report

Download the Group Management Report, Consolidated Financial Statements, and selected key figures for BSH:

Group Management Report (PDF) Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF) Multi-Year Summary (PDF)